ecoDa: sono aperte le iscrizioni al corso di formazione Professional Development for European Directors Brussels

Gentili Associati sono aperte le iscrizioni al corso di formazione Professional Development for European Directors Brussels.

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ecoDa – EU Alerts 4

It includes:

EC: Sustainable Corporte Governance package
EC: Digital Operational Resilience Act for financial services
EBA: Consultation on remuneration and gender pay gap benchmarking for banks and investment firms
ESMA: Consultation on the review of MIFID II
EU Platform on sustainable finance: Response to taxonomy complementary delegated act

OECD: Resilient trade starts with sustainable supply chains

FRC: New research with Audit Committee Chairs

What does stakeholder capitalism mean for investors? (Investor Forum & London Business School’s Centre for CG)
Changing the climate in the boardroom (Heidrick & Struggles)
Global Integrity Report (EY)

French Presidency of the EU: Protecting Europeans against financial crime 

ecoDa News

  • 3rd of February: ecoDa Board meeting;
  • 9th of February: ecoDa EU Corporate Governance Circles meeting;
  • 10th of February: ecoDa participating at the GNDI Policy Committee meeting.

The EU Alert is available for download here.

ecoDa – EU Alert 2

It includes:

EC: Expecting EU deal on rules for women in boardrooms
EP: Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) – Update
EFRAG: Extension of the deadline for the consultation on disclosures

ISSB: Upcoming consultation on sustainability-related disclosure standards
B Lab: Top stories on how B Corps are pursuing positive benefits for all stakeholders

NACD: 2022 Governance outlook
Reclaim shareholder power and reshape companies 

ecoDa News

  • 17th January: ecoDa will meet Mazars to discuss the ongoing EC consultation on corporate reporting;
  • 21st January: ecoDa Policy Committee meeting;
  • 21st of January: ecoDa Audit Committee Working Group meeting.

CThe EU Alert is available for download here.

ecoDa – EU Alert 41

It Includes:

  • Update on the Sustainable Corporate Governance file
  • France: Court orders French government to ‘repair’ carbon emissions overshoot (The Guardian)
  • UK: Watchdog wants power to cap Big Four’s FTSE 350 audit clients 
  • Companies call on G20 to act on climate change (Minerva Analytics)
  • OECD: Ground-breaking tax deal
  • Basel III Monitoring Report
  • PRI Report: Investment mandates: embedding ESG factors
  • EY Board Barometer Survey 
  • Is it time to integrate ESG into executive compensation? (Salzburg Global Seminar)
  • Why stakeholder capitalism is not enough? (Embedding Project)
  • Companies with narcissistic CEOs have lower share prices but better governance (Board Agenda)
  • 2021 European Corporate Governance Conference: Beyond Traditional Corporate Governance – Sustainability & Innovation

ecoDa’s NEWS

  • The recording of ecoDa’s last webinar organized under the patronage of DG GROW on “Underpinning entrepreneurship and resilience: Key governance challenges for unlisted companies” is now available.
  • 14th of October: ecoDa exchanges with DG GROW on the Sustainable Corporate Governance file;
  • 26th of October: ecoDa’s Working on ESG meeting;
  • 28th of October:
    • ecoDa, ECIIA, FERMA Joint Working Group on Sustainability Risks meeting;
    • GNDI Policy Committee meeting;
  • 29th of October: ecoDa’s Policy Committee meeting.

The EU Alert is available for download here.

ecoDa’s Event – 9 November – The European Corporate Governance Conference 2021

Beyond Traditional Corporate Governance: Sustainability & Innovation

On behalf of EY, ecoDa and the Slovenian Directors’ Association, we would like to invite you to attend this year’s virtual European Corporate Governance Conference 2021 on Tuesday 9 November 2021 (2pm-5pm CET), in partnership with ACCA, BusinessEurope and EuropeanIssuers.

As an accompanying event to the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, this online Conference will bring together experts, policy-makers as well as practitioners to express their views on “ Beyond Traditional Corporate Governance – Sustainability & Innovation”.

The agenda can be found here.


EcoDa 37 – Eu Alerts

It Includes:

  • Council: The French presidency’s priorities
  • EP: Tax information sharing must improve significantly
  • ESMA: Report on trends, risks and vulnerabilities
  • TPI publishes fresh scenarios
  • Update on the implementation of the Whistleblowing Directive (Transparency International)
  • Report: Europe’s top 25 banks failing on green pledges
  • Report: Governance trends shaping 2021 (Diligent)
  • Report: SMEs’ digital future (Accountancy Europe)
  • France: Middlenext Corporate Governance Code updated
  • The New Corporation: How “good” corporations are bad for democracy (Harvard Law School Forum on CG)
  • How the benefits of mandatory sustainability reporting by business do outweigh the costs (Frank Bold)
  • The promise of stakeholder capitalism: illusory or real?
  • EC: EU Sustainable Investment Summit
  • Sustainable Corporate Governance

ecoDa’s NEWS

  • LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER: 28th of September: As part of the European SME Week, ecoDa will organise an event, under the patronnage and with the participation of DG GROW, on “Underpinning entrepreneurship and resilience: Key governance challenges for unlisted companies“.  
  • SAVE THE DATE: 9th of November: European Corporate Governance Conference accompanying event to the Slovenian presidency, Beyond Traditional Corporate Governance – SUSTAINABILITY & INNOVATION. Organised by the Slovenian Directors’ Association, EY and ecoDa. More information to come.
  • ecoDa’s Educational Videos: Collective Actions. ecoDa, AIG and Crowell&Moring have jointly produced a short video to explain the concept of collective actions and its role in the EU, while also to shed light on the collective redress directive and the impact on businesses, boards and Officers Insurance.
  • 21nd of September: ecoDa’s board meeting;
  • 22nd of September: ecoDa’s board members will meet Commissioner Reynders to discuss the EC Sustainable Corporate Governance initiative.

The EU Alert is available for download here.

EcoDa’s Professional Development for European Directors – Programma di formazione EcoDa

Gentili Associati,

abbiamo il piacere di segnalarvi il programma di formazione “Professional Development for European Directors”, organizzato da Ecoda, che si svolgerà dal 6 Ottobre 2021 al 8 Ottobre 2021.

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EcoDa 34 – Eu Alerts

It includes:

-EFRAG : Call for candidates for expert working groups to provide input for the development of draft European sustainability reporting standards
-The Platform on Sustainable Finance : Call for feedback
-EBA : The number of high earners in EU banks remained overall stable in 2019
-France : Business organisations are considering how to promote employee shareholding
-UK : Planet Mark
-Board Agenda Article: Business roundtable stakeholder statement mostly for show
-Chapter Zero : Lessons learned from Sustainability Committee Chairs

The EU Alert is available for download here.

EcoDa Webinar- 28/09/2021 – Underpinning entrepreneurship and resilience: Key governance challenges for unlisted companies

Corporate Governance is an increasing issue for unlisted companies as they develop new sources of finance. It is also a way to gain the respect of key external stakeholders.

However, copying principles of best practice for listed companies is not a viable solution as unlisted companies have their own features and challenges.

Given the wide scope of unlisted companies, the definition and implementation of a corporate governance framework has indeed to take account the firm’s size, complexity, level of maturity and objectives regarding its own development.

With its updated Corporate Governance Guidance and Principles for Unlisted Companies in Europe, ecoDa is providing advice for the governance implementation process, leaving the companies the freedom to decide on the pace and depth.

Our webinar will get the challenges and opportunities out for discussion. Testimonies of unlisted companies will flesh out specific practices highlighting the importance of discipline and consistency.

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ecoDa 27 – Eu Alerts

It includes:

  • EC: Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy
  • EC: A new anti-money laundering package 
  • EP Study: Environmental Crimes: Liability of companies in the context of corporate M&A
  • ESMA/EBA: Guidelines on the assessment of the suitability of members of the management body and key function holders
  • IOSCO Report calls for efforts to tackle greenwashing (Minerva Analytics)
  • BEUC: Reaction to the EC’s New Strategy on sustainable finance
  • Report: Board Monitor 2021 (Heidrick & Struggles)
  • IoD UK: Response to Government proposals for audit and CG reforms
  • UK: Campaigners call for UK Due Diligence Law